Urgent Care Clinics

Hanover Veterinary Hospital is going to start offering limited urgent care hours on holidays and potentially weekend days.  These are meant for our community as a whole and not just our clients.  Our goal is to provide an intermediate tier of care to help free up our emergency clinics caseload from time sensitive, but not emergency issues. 

Examples include:

  • Hot spots
  • UTI
  • URI
  • Ear infections
  • Minor wounds and laceration
  • Vomiting/diarrhea of short duration that can be managed outpatient.

We will have a separate check in information sheet for these clinics with the intention of not entering them into our regular client base.  All records will be sent to their primary care veterinarian the day they are seen and all will be referred back to their primary for any rechecks recommended.  All lab work will be done in house and results provided at the time of the visit.  

My hope is to open a separate facility in 2024 to operate as an urgent care as a separate business.  For the time being, I hope these hours will help some of our community get outpatient care at a lower price than our emergency clinics, while at the same time taking some of these cases off of our very busy ERs so they can focus on the inpatient cases that so desperately need them.  

Our urgent care will be first come, first served with no appointments available.  There will be no vaccines or other routine care performed at these clinics.  Patients that need more aggressive care or surgery will be referred to a 24 hour clinic for appropriate treatment.

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