Our goal is to help the pet parent take the best care of their pet possible through education and compassionate care. 

Services we are offering

Preventative medicine

Aiming to proactively safeguard your pets’ well-being by focusing on early detection of potential health issues.

Screening bloodwork, vaccines and weight monitoring

We are focused on ensuring prevention of diseases while promoting overall quality of life.

Allergy and chronic disease management

Providing relief, improving comfort, and enhancing the long-term health of pets with specific health conditions.

In house pharmacy

Offering a range of our commonly prescribed medications.

End of life care, palliative care, and humane euthanasia

Securing peaceful transition of pets during their final stages, honoring their lives and providing support to both pets and their owners.


Maintaining optimal health and vitality, emphasizing the significance of well-balanced diets.

Laser therapy (acute and chronic pain and inflammation)

Non-invasive treatment option for acute and chronic pain in pets, utilizing focused light energy to promote healing.

On site radiology and labs (cbc, chemistry and urine analyzer)

Prompt and accurate diagnostics used to aid in comprehensive pet care and treatment decisions.


We are offering spay, neuter, mass removals and soft tissue surgery, ensuring the highest standard of care for your pets’ medical requirements.


Thorough pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative monitoring minimizes stress, pain and complications.

Dentistry (digital radiology and general anesthesia)

We deliver comprehensive dental care, utilizing state-of-the-art digital radiology and general anesthesia to conduct a thorough evaluation of oral health.

Cleaning, extractions, surgical extractions and other surgery

Maintaining pets’ oral health and improving their overall quality of life providing a wide range of oral care services.

Small mammals, rabbits, Guinea pigs and reptiles

Our veterinary expertise extends to small mammals, rabbits, guinea pigs, and reptiles, providing specialized care tailored to their unique needs.

No birds, venomous species or wildlife

We do not provide services for birds, venomous species, or wildlife, focusing exclusively on other companion animals.

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