Licking their paws?

Scratching their face and armpits?

Chewing their fur out?

Shaking their head?

Hot spots or rashes?

Spring means pollen and just like humans, many pets have seasonal allergies. Fleas also multiply and cause lots of problems for our pets. Our appointments in the spring and fall are dominated by skin and ear issues. We have been averaging 5 ear appointments per day!

While licking and scratching can be annoying, they can also lead to chronic changes to the skin and the ear canal that can be permanent, leading to long term problems. Especially with ear infections, prompt diagnosis and treatment helps to prevent scarring that makes it easier to get additional infections. Damage to the ear drum can cause deeper infections that can result in hearing loss and balance issues.

What can you do?

In mild cases, some dogs respond to antihistamines. Zyrtec and Benadryl are commonly used for mild allergies as they are inexpensive and have minimal side effects. For more serious cases, we can prescribe medications to give your pet instant relief and keep symptoms at bay for the season.You can also discuss allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment with your veterinarian.

If a skin or ear infection is present, please schedule an exam. Finding out if it is parasites, yeast, bacteria (or both) allows for appropriate treatment to be prescribed. Do not skip that recheck appointment. Stopping treatment before the infection is cleared can lead to drug resistance and infection that is more difficult to treat.

We want your pets to be infection and itch free so you both have a more enjoyable life. Please call or email our office if you have questions or concerns.

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